memaran, grouh memaran Iran, gm-ir company, memaran group, provides civil, urban planning, architecture, structural, mechanical, electrical engineering, economic, computer services, design, residential, administration, commercial, medical, religious, cultural, industrial buildings.

1- Planning
2- Preliminary studies
3- Final design
4- Site supervision

1- Planning

The services provided are planning to attain the desired objectives, including:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Statistical studies and data analysis
  • Short term and long term forecasts
  • Macro planning and determination of project approximate size.

2-Preliminary studies

Based on foreseen objectives or the master plan study, the services provided are as follows:

  • First part :
    - Reconnaissance studies and information gathering.
    - Basic studies, general framework, criteria, rules and standards.
    - Study on building material and construction methods.
    - Framework Planning.
    - Schematic design and general specifications.
  • 2nd part
    - Complimentary studies.
    - Architectural studies & design
    - Structural analysis & design
    - Mechanical & Electrical study, design and preparation of specifications.
    - Preparation of preliminary drawings and study report.

3-Final design

Studies and services of this part is based on the approved preliminary studies, as follows:

  •  Technical analysis and preparation of final design and drawings on:
    - Architecture
    - Structural engineering
    - Civil engineering
    - Mechanical engineering
    - Electrical engineering
  • Preparation of technical specifications.
  • Preparation of construction costs report for different aspects of the project
    for buildings, mechanical & electrical works and equipments.
  • Preparation of time schedule for execution of the project
  • Preparation of identity paper of the project
  • Submitting the following documents:
    - ID paper
    - Engineering analysis reports
    - Construction cost report with details
    - Technical specification
    - Necessary documents for performing contract bid and selection of contractor
    - Condition of the contract
    - List of rules and regulations
    - Time schedule for the project
    - Final drawings for construction

4-Site Supervision

The services are:

  • Performing the contract bid formalities for selection of contractors
  • Site supervision of construction works by resident engineers and
  • General supervision of the project advancement and provision of office based
    support services for the site supervising team.
  • Certification of periodic payment to contractors.
  • Issuance of temporary and permanent certificate for the construction works
    based on thorough site inspection on works completion and one year later.