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NIOC building by Caspian Sea Shore.
  40000 sq m of residential and administrative buildings in 3 blocks of 12 storeys  each, for NIOC in Mahmood Abad of Caspian sea shore. Ancillary buildings included: Masque, Library, Gymnasium, Restaurant, Supermarket, Fire fighting and Central Engine room.
Client: NIOC
Shoosh Danial City Master plan
  Conprehension master plan and rehabilitation study for Shoosh city, including the 2500 year old archeological site. The study was approved by the High Council of Urban Planning in 1988.
Client: Ministry of Housing
Control Tower and Technical Block in Mehrabad Airport
  The old control tower of Tehran Mehrabad Airport located on top of terminal 2, caught fire and was burnt in 1981. A new tower to be easily installed plus the technical block under the tower, was designed. This facility was used for 12 years before completion of the new existing control tower.
Client: Civil Aviation Organization
Service Buildings of Ghani Abad Factories.
  Administrative and transport buildings, laboratory, access roads, offloading area and precincts and yards for the Ghani Abad factories of Defense Industries near Tehran in 1984.
Client: Defense Industries Organization
School and Gymnasium in Shahrak Noor
  A 16-class high school for girls and gymnasium, for the Defense Industrial Organization in 1985.
Client: Defense Industries Organization
Ahar and Kalaibar Hospitals
  Reviewing the design and construction supervision of a 127-bed hospital an Ahar and a 90-bed hospital in Kelaibar, both in Azerbayjan.
Client: Ministry of Housing
Tabas Airport Terminal and Buildings
  Complete design of terminal, control tower, fire fighting, ramp control, technical, VIP pavion, cargo terminal, police and sepah, car parking, taxi and bus station and 70 housing units for the employees. (1992)
The project covered 153000sq m of land and 23000 sq m of buildings.
Client: Civil Aviation Organization
Shiraz International Airport Master Plan
  The first master plan study for an airport in Iran, included Present status, Forecasts and areas, Presentation of the master plan for 5, 10 and 20 year periods.
The study was presented in a seminar.
Client: Civil Aviation Organization
Khoram Abad airport new terminal and parking
  Complete design and construction supervision of a 5000 sq m terminal, car parking, police and sepah buildings. (1993)
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Mehrabad Terminal
  Complete design of Mehrabad Airport Terminal 3 and precincts and yards in 1993
Client: Iranian Airports Company
The new Control Tower of Mehrabad Airport
  Complete design of the new 45m high control tower and technical block of Tehran  Mehrabad Airport, as a separate building.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Birjand Airport Master Plan
  The study included Present status, Forecasts and estimation of areas, Presentation of master plan for 5 – 10 and 20 years periods.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Rena Co. Repair Shop and Warehouse
  Complete design of Repair shop and warehouse for Rena Co. representative of the Volvo Bus Co.
Client: Rena Co.
Hamadan Airport new Terminal
  5000 sq m of passenger terminal for Hamadan Airport.
The design of Khoram Abad airport terminal was modified to suit Hamadan weather which has a cold climate.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Shiraz Airport Domestic Terminal
  The 16000sq m complete rehabilitation and extension of the old terminals at Shiraz airport was mostly designed by the client. Review of the design and construction supervision was done by GM-IR in different stages.  (1997-2001)
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Shiraz Airport International Terminal
  Complete design and construction supervision of 15000 sq m international terminal. ( 2001)
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Forage Warehouse and Administrative building in Khorram Abad.
  Complete design of warehouse, silo and administrative buildings for the Producer/provider and Distributor of Forage Company in Khorram Abad, a subsidiary of the Ministry of Agriculture.  (1996)
Client: Producer and Distributor of Forage,  Company.
Locating and Designing a new Airport at Izeh
  Study to find the suitable location for the new airport at Izeh, Khouzestan province, needed for the Karoon III Dam project. Complete design of all the elements including, runway, taxiway, apron, terminal, control tower and all other ancillary buildings and spaces. (1997)
Client: Ministry of Power, Karoon III Project
Terminal 6 at Tehran Mehrabad Airport
  Complete design of 9000 sq m of terminal 6 at Tehran Mehrabad airport to be used for the arriving domestic passengers.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Media Center in Tehran
  Complete design of a 20000sq m complex as a Media Center (instead of a library) for municipality of Tehran district 6, the design used the latest Information Technology.
Client: Municipality of Tehran District 6
Bandar Abbas Airport Terminals
  12000 sq m preliminary design of the main terminal for all domestic passengers.
1700 sq m of complete final design and construction supervision of the international arrival terminal and parking.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Bandar Lengeh New Terminal
  Review of the design and construction supervision of the new terminal.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Kerman Airport Existing Terminal
  Preliminary design for rehabilitation and extension of the existing terminal at Kerman Airport.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Khorram Abad Airport Master Plan.
  Comprehensive master plan study for Khoram Abad Airport, included Present status, Forecasts and areas, Presentation of master plan for 5, 10 and 20 years periods.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Kermanshah Airport Master Plan.
  Comprehensive master plan study for Kermanshah Airport included Present status, Forecasts and areas, Presentation of master plan for 5, 10 and 20 years periods.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Extension of Industrial Dies Factory 1st Phase
  Complete design and construction supervision for extension of Industrial Dies Factory covering 60000sq m of land included production halls, press halls, modeling, amphitheatre, administrative, educational and technical buildings totally 125000 sq m of covered spaces.
Client: Iran Khodro Co.
Transfer from Tehran Mehrabad to IKI Airport
  Comprehensive study of all domestic and international flights to and from Tehran and proposing the optimum solution for transfer of part of the traffic in Tehran Mehrabad Airport to the new IKI Airport.
Client: Civil Aviation Organization
Kermanshah Airport Terminal and Control Tower.
  Complete design and construction supervision of a 5000 sq m international and a separate 1000 sq m control tower and technical block, 32 m high.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Administrative Building for Company Registration Organization
  An old, structurally unstable stockings factory had to be strengthened and designed for a modern administrative building for Company Registration Organization.
Client: Notary Organization  of
Kerman Airport New Terminal
  Preliminary architectural design and final structural design for 11000 sq m new terminal in Kerman Airport for domestic and international passengers.
Client: Iranian Airports Company
Residential units for Bukan, Naghadeh and Meshkin-Shar Hospitals
  Complete design of different housing units for the three hospitals in three cities namely Bukan, Naghadeh and Meshkin-Shahr
Client: Ministry of Housing
Multi-Storey Car Park in Tehran
  Complete design of a multi-storey car park complex in Niavaran, Tehran totaling 120000sq m of building 9 floors, ground floor, restaurant and 7 floor covered car park
Client: Municipality of Tehran
Technical I.D for Fajr Bridges in Tehran.
  Technical inspection and preparation of a technical identification document including the plan and procedure for maintenance of the bridge which is located on a central expressway (Moddarres Exp.) in the heart of Tehran.
Client: Municipality of Tehran
Lavan Airport Extension
  Complete design for the extension of Lavan Airport in Persian Gulf which included 400 m runway extension and resurfacing of the whole runway and apron. Also control tower and fire fighting buildings.
Client: Iranian Offshore Co.
Iran Khodro Car Delivery Hall
  Complete design and construction supervision for a car delivery hall for Iran Khodro car industries.
This hall had to be designed inside an existing large spaces frame structure.
Iran Khodro Car Industries
Khavaran Expressway Improvement and Asphalt in Tehran.
  Complete design of all the elements to improve and asphalt the Khavaran expressway in Tehran
Client: Municipality of Tehran
    Projects for Municipality of Tehran District 20

Complete design and construction supervision for all the projects financed
by the municipality of Tehran district 20, so far included:
 Traffic police building 350 sq m, Swimming pool, Sport center, Facilities in public parks.
Client: Municipality of Tehran District 20

Iran Air Catering Building at IKI Airport
  15000 sq m preliminary design was done by visiting several catering units in Europe to draw the optimum concepts.
Client: Iran Air
Iran Khodro Industrial Dies Extension-phase 2
  complete design and construction supervision in continuation of phase 1 included 5000 sq m of press shop, air washer building, engine room, electricity post, generator room, cooling tower, precincts, access roads.
Client: Iran Khodro Industrial Car Co.
Central Rescue and Relief Building for Municipality District 22
  Complete design of a central rescue and relief building in case of crises for Tehran municipality district 22. These included, Fire fighting, Red crescent, Municipality, Electricity and Water board.
Client: Municipality of Tehran District 22
Foundations for Heavy Machinery
  Site supervision for the execution of 3 large foundations for heavy machinery in Saveh Industrial City.
Client: Saveh Industrial City.
Iran Air Operation Building
  1700 sq m complete design of a building for the operation and dispatch of Iran Air located in the central area of Iran Air.
Iran Air
Comprehensive Air Transport study of Iran
  The European company EGIS located in Paris has a contract for Comprehensive Transport Study of Iran, working with several Iranian consultants the aviation section is being done jointly by EGIS and GM-IR.
Client: Ministry of Transportation
Hotel Locations Study in 2 States.
  A study to identify the location and make feasibility study for hotels in two states/provinces of Kerman and Sistan Baluchestan .
Client: Iran Tourism Development Co.
Aircraft Fuelling Station
  A fuelling station for the aircrafts in Lamerd Airport.
Client: Parsian Refinery
Alborz Industrial City
  Complete design of buildings and landscaping of Alborz Industrial City including:
Super market & shops.
Commercial building 8000 m2 .
Sport center & public park, 20 hectares.
Main head office building.
Mosque and library.
Restaurant & self service
  Public facilities such as restaurant, self service, clinic, administration buildings were designed for the followings
Saipa ( Renault Co. )
Ray-O-Vak (Battery Co.)
Rank Xerox Co.
Baft Machine Co.
Samine Co..
Dairy Factory Administrative Building
  Complete design of the administrative building for the Mimas dairy factory.
Housing for Film Industries
  Complete design of residential buildings for the employees of Film Industries Services center as a cooperative concern.
Private Villas
  Complete design of 30 private villas for various clients.
  Complete design of 68 Apartments for the employees of NIOC in Ghods district of Tehran.
Structure of Engineering Faculty
  Structural design of 75000 m2, 12- stories engineering faculty building for Amir Kabir University in Tehran.
Structure of factory workshop
  structural design of oxygen production workshop for Arak Machines Company.
Human Shelter
  Design of human shelter and machinery and chemical protection for Hepco and Arangan industries in Arak industrial complex.
Structure of Dormitory
  Structural design of 50,000 m2 dormitory for Amir Kabir University.
Structure of Administrative building
  Structural design of administrative building for Aluminum factory in Arak Industrial Complex.
Structure of Exam Hall
  Structural design for Shariati High School .
Structure of Guest House
  Structural design of Guest-house & laboratories for Kordestan Gatch Complex.
Structure of Foundry
  Structural design of Foundry for Steel mill.
Water Tank
  Structural design of a 3000 m3 underground water storage for the industrial distinct of Marand.
Structure of factory halls
  Structural design of 19000 m2 scrap and foundry hall with 50 tones overhead cranes for the Alloy Steel project of Defence Industrial Organization in Isfahan.
Structure for ice cream production hall
  Structural design of the ice cream production hall for Mimas Dairy Industries.
Structure of Production Hall & Buildings
  Structural design of 10000 m2 production halls, office building and warehouse for Nobar Leather Co.
Structure of Production Hall, Buildings & Pool
  Structural design of 15000 m2 production halls, office building and warehouse & pool for Tamis Leather Co.
Structure of Production Hall & Buildings
  Structural design of the production hall, office building and warehouse for Shahrekord Cheese Factory.
Structure of Production Hall & Buildings
  Structural design of the production hall for the Zanjan Milk Sucking Firm.
Structure of Production Hall & Buildings
  Structural design of the production hall for the Khazar Tefflon Co.
Rasht Industrial city.
Structural Design of Production halls and foundation
  Structural design of 20000 m2 spiral pipes production hall and machines foundation for Sadid Factory.
Structure of buildings for Eye Glass Factory
  Structural design for various buildings & water tanks for Damghan eye glass factory.
Shopping & Sport Center
  Design of Shopping center, Park, Sport and recreation center for Milad township in Lahijan.
Residential complex for tourists
  Preliminary design of residential and touristic complex in Lahijan, Chaloos.
Residential & Commercial Complex
  Preliminary design of residential, recreational & Commercial Complex in Karaj.
Prefabricated housing
  Comparative design of prefabricated ‘ Ocal’ of Germany in Milad township.
High rise apartments & self service
  Detail architectural design of high rise apartments and self service for the Army’s personnel in Farahabad.
Production Hall and ancillary buildings
  Preliminary design of 30,000 m2 production hall, warehouse, offices, training center, R&D and guest house for Iran Dissel-Saz .
Theological School Master Plan
  Master plan of a 38000 m2 Mottahari Theological School in Tonekabon on a 4 hectare site.
Metro Stations
  Preliminary design of N1 Metro station in Mothari-Mofatteh Crossing
Preliminary design of Chitgar Park station, in Tehran.
Gas Pipes
  Structural analysis & design of gas pipes for Gatchsaran gas injection station for Isfahan university 68 tones boiler
Power house tower structure
  Control of the structural analysis & design of the Rajaii Power station Complex.
Building structural design
  structural analysis and design for:
- Ancillary building of Azar-Shahr Factory
- Office building of Arvandan Ship building Factory in Ahwaz.
- Co-operation offices for university of Shiraz- 4500 m2
- Animal Food Factory in Gorgan.
Gas pipe & oil tank foundation
  Structural design of pipes and foundation for Bandar-Abbas Oil Storage tanks.
Design of Shopping Center
  Design of 6000 m2 Shopping Center in Karim-Khan St. Tehran.
Officer’s Mess
  Design of 7000 m2 officer’s mess for Navy base in Chabahar.
30 stories building
  Co-designer of a 30 stories building for the Navy in Koohak, Tehran.
33 and 16 stories buildings
  Co-designer of a 33 stories and a 16 stories in Abbas Abad, Tehran.
Eight, 18 stories building structures
  Structural design of eight - 18 stories residential building in Basmanj, Tabriz.
Part design & approve of Airport projects in Iran
  Taking part in the overall design and approval of the new IK Airport in Tehran, Isfahan Airport expansion of Mashad-Tabriz-Zahedan and Kerman Airports.
Study and approval of the design of International Airports
  As a member of IATA ACC, the design of new Munchen, London, Rome, Narita, Ozaka, Athens, Kerachi and Istanbul was studied for approval.
Medical building structure
  structural analysis and design of 11- stories Mir-emad Medical building in Tehran.
Residential building structure
  Structural analysis and design of production halls for Karimi project in Kerman, including 7 halls with overhead cranes.
Production halls structure
  Structural analysis and design of 8000 m2 Emamzadeh Hassan Commercial complex for the 17th district of Tehran municipality.
Commercial building structure
  Structural analysis and design of 20 residential buildings 4 to 10 stories for private sector .
20 Residential building structure
  Structural analysis and design of Setareh 20 stories building in Tehran.
20 stories building structure
  Structural analysis and design of tall commercial and administrative building in Lashgar crossing, Tehran.
Commercial & office tall building structure
  Design of Nitrogen, Oxygen, Hydrogen and other ancillary building of Azar glass manufacturing factory in Azrabaijan.
Glass manufacturing factory
  Complete structural analysis and design was done for :
Shahed university Amphitheater 12000 m2 with 50-60 m2 span.
- Faegh Industry, 11 stories, 6400 m2 office building.
- Farmanieh Sport & recreation complex.
- Koohestan residential building, around 22000 m2.